NubiSave integration options

Of course, it is possible to just run NubiSave as a stand-alone tool beneath a local virtual directory. However, in many cases it might be more useful to run something on top of it or in addition - like a web interface, a network integrator or a status monitor.

Web access

NubiSave can serve as backend to practically any web-based data management tool. It does not have its own frontend on purpose, because so many already exist - one tool for each job. ownCloud seems to be a very popular choice these days.

Network integrator/Storage gateway

Likewise, NubiSave doesn't include any local or wide area network integration proxy. It is possible to run both SMB/CIFS servers (such as Samba) and WebDAV servers (such as Apache httpd/mod_dav/Catacomb) on top of NubiSave-provided directories. Interestingly, this allows remote chaining of NubiSave installations! A policy-driven storage gateway on top of NubiSave has been proposed in the ongoing work on the Flexible Data Distribution Policy (FlexDDPL). It is under development.
We intend to publish the storage gateway as proposed in the FlexDDPL paper. We also intend to offer a reasonable setup recipe by integrating the results from SecCSIE.

Status monitor

Does NubiSave also not ship with a status monitor? Actually, we provide one for you because there don't seem to be useful ones, not even for user-friendly RAID monitoring :-) Please download it from the AllocDemo page while it is under development.