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2014-12-03 Josef Spillner- more aggressive package and package lists caching master bomba/master
2014-12-02 Josef Spillner- integration of the Splitter-NG framework
2014-05-26 Josef Spillner- differently split owncloud data directory, now pre... origin/HEAD origin/master
2014-05-26 Josef Spillner- sufficient sleep times for slow virtualisation (vbox)
2014-05-26 Josef Spillner- verbose announcements to ease debugging
2014-05-26 Josef Spillner- consistent naming, now that nubivis is a system package
2014-05-14 Josef Spillner- more free space in the default image
2014-04-13 Josef Spillner- experimental support for launching VDIs with VirtualB...
2014-04-13 Josef Spillner- misc smaller fixes
2014-04-13 Josef Spillner- smaller fixed and improvements: correct web port...
2014-04-13 Josef Spillner- script to turn IMG into VBOX, adapted from SPACEflight
2014-03-22 Josef Spillner- be optimistic about the working binary package of...
2014-02-07 Josef Spillner- owncloud cannot cope with dashes in the app names nubigate-firstsnapshot
2014-02-07 Josef Spillner- most important ingredient: the custom application...
2014-02-07 Josef Spillner- next level of owncloud integration
2014-02-07 Josef Spillner- much better default configuration with two local...
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