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2016-08-10 spio- removal of "Helvetica" for better PDF/A conformance pdfa
2015-04-27 Josef Spillner- variant which skips the failed runs instead of preten... newruby bomba/newruby origin/newruby
2015-04-27 Josef Spillner- visually improved plot
2015-04-27 Josef Spillner- new plot for aggregate runtimes
2015-04-27 Josef Spillner- additional measurement of aggregate functions
2015-04-27 Josef Spillner- further experimentation now also with dispersion...
2015-04-27 Josef Spillner- first experimental measurement results in an overall...
2015-04-26 Josef Spillner- marking of a bug which results in 10 FAILED issues...
2015-04-26 Josef Spillner- make OPE sort of work on Debian 8.0 which has two...
2015-04-21 Josef Spillner- OPE benchmarking in Ruby with associated plot
2015-04-21 Josef Spillner- plotfile
2015-04-21 Josef Spillner- alternative benchmark script for the direct C program...
2015-04-21 Josef Spillner- joint multiplots to save some precious space
2015-04-21 Josef Spillner- modification to make minimal example work, despite...
2015-04-21 Josef Spillner- inclusion of fastexpander measurements into the plot
2015-04-21 Josef Spillner- fast C re-implementation of the fragment expander
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